4 July 2015

Preikestolen was in walking distance from my home when I grew up, and feels like my own backyard.
It was however not before my kids were grown up, that we made a hike together there.
on the background picture my kids are waving at me from the edge of the cliff


sitting at the edge of the cliff.

sitting down on the "preacher's stool"

looking down from the edge

Looking down 600 m from the fron edge

I made a "selfie stick" from my tripod, and used the camera's self timer to take this picure.
It shows the edge of the cliff and 600 m down.

between the heaven and earth

resting the mind

scary picture

scary pose

my son is posing for a scary picture.
of course it is not as dangerous as it looks like.
there is a broad shelf under his feet which doesn't show from this angle.

not as dangrous as it seems

looking down

there's plateau just a meter below the edge, so the picture is lying.
but the effect is cool..


looking downe


looking down

alone and nude

nude french tourist

this picture is shot a couple years earlier.
it shows a french tourist arriving the plateau after all the other tourists have left.